How It Works

We use a collection of APIs and mine blockchains of cryptocurrencies to create a comprehensive universe of information on cryptocurrencies. We then use our custom natural language generation (NLG) algorithms to convert this data into valuable content for marketers. Our NLG algorithms have four primary goals:

  • + Quantitative insights. Process the data gathered to automatically identify outliers, extract key trends, and detect quantitative patterns of interest to cryptocurrency traders and investors.
  • + Automated summarization. Automatically summarize white papers, articles, and other types of long-form text content by extracting the most salient pieces of content from that original document.
  • + Raw data presentation. Present raw, numeric data in a way that is easy for investors and traders to comprehend and sort through.
  • + Personality. We believe content that is fun does better at engaging users, helping them learn, and helping them make investment decisions. We strive to ensure our automated content has some personality. Personality goes a long way! :D

Want the nitty gritty on the data we have? See our data dictionary for some insight into the kinds of data we have and how we process it.

A Sample of Our Data

Quality data is the foundation of our product. Below is just a small sample of the kind of data we are acquiring constantly and feeding into our language generation algorithms.

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Automated Content in Action

SixJupiter's automated content can be leveraged to publish content on your own platform or through other venues like email, SMS, or Twitter. Best of all, our Wordpress plugin makes integrating our content into your Wordpress-based site a breeze. :) Below are examples of our automated content in action. See our demo site to spark your imagination on what can be done.
  • + Cryptocurrency Research Pages. SixJupiter can provide you with individual research pages for 900+ cryptocurrencies, each updated daily detailed metrics about the cryptocurrency -- many of which are not available elsewhere. See an example.
  • + Daily Summaries of Crypto Majors. A short daily summary of what happened in the major cryptocurrencies from the day before, complete with charts. For publishers, this is a way to automate fresh, unique content that is of value to users and gives them a reason to return to stay engaged with your property. See an example.
  • + Long Form Article Summaries. Articles shared by influencers in the cryptocurrency space are automatically summarized and shared on Twitter. This provides publishers with a way to effectively participate in social media and draw traffic as a result. See an example.
SixJupiter can provide clients with automated content that target the audience and keywords you're focused on. Content can be packaged into a fully functional web application can be designed to match your brand and can be fully managed by SixJupiter to help you acquire, segment, and convert leads. See for inspiration on what we can build for you.

SixJupiter has pricing solutions for all budgets. Whether you need only a small bit of content recurringly or want to launch a comprehensive content marketing campaign focused on a large breadth of longtail opportunities, SixJupiter can structure a package that is right for your organization. Simply send us a message to get started.

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About Us

SixJupiter brings expertise at the intersection of financial marketing and data science.

  • + A distributed team with members in the United States, Serbia, and Pakistan
  • + Our founder and CEO, Simit Patel, is a data scientist with over a decade of experience in digital marketing for financial services
  • + We are a small, highly technical team that takes pride in moving fast creatively applying data
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