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SixJupiter can provide you with a custom chatbot that answers questions about your business and delivers market commentary according to your specifications. Try it out below.

Data to Build Products for Crypto Traders

We use a collection of APIs and mine blockchains of cryptocurrencies to create a database that helps analysts find insights and quantitative traders find an edge. We make this data accessible to you.

  • + A database of up to 50 attributes of 900+ tokens trading on the Ethereum blockchain
  • + Includes analysis of blockchain wallets to understand changes in position sizes by the largest accounts
  • + Sophisticated Twitter analytics to understand which currencies are gaining interest from influencers and investors

Want the nitty gritty on the data we have? See our data dictionary.

How This Helps You

We can use this database to help our clients satisfy their clients in a variety of ways, such as:

  • + Providing customers who are quantitative traders with the data they need to develop algorithmic trading strategies
  • + Helping the broker's dealing desks formulate a data-driven offsetting strategy
  • + Generating research content for a broker's audience, or helping the broker's analysts write data-driven research pieces. See our blog for examples of the research we can produce
  • + Creating data-driven applications, like screeners and alerts

Below is a sample of our database.

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SixJupiter scours the web for news related to cryptocurrencies, organizes articles based on their subject matter, and automatically summarizes the content. A newsfeed can be customized for a broker's audience and product offering so that their customers are provided with relevant, actionable news in a summarized format that keeps users engaged with the broker.

Our Twitter feed features select news articles and white papers that our artificial intelligence has automatically summarized.

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