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The details

  • + Data collection. We collect data from the Ethereum blockchain and various data providers (CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, CoinMarketCap,Etherscan, Ethplorer, Cryptocompare, Twitter, GitHub, Medium) to develop a comprehensive dataset for over 1,500 cryptocurrencies.

  • + Content generation. Our artificial intelligence takes this data set and:

    • + Generates an ever growing collection of "content modules" -- paragraphs of text about a given topic
    • + Builds interactive visualizations
    • + Inserts relevant affiliate links into content modules

    We work with our publishing partners to combine content modules into news updates or research reports on the cryptocurrencies our partners care about in a manner that suits their content marketing strategy.

  • + Seamless integration into your web site. After we build unique content for you that you approve, we post and manage them to your site via an API. If your site runs on WordPress, you have an API automatically built into your site that we can leverage so that the content generated can seamlessly integrate into the look, feel, navigation, search, and administration console of your web site.

  • + Get paid! You keep 100% of the banner ad revenue surrounding the content SixJupiter creates for your site. Revenue from ads and affiliate links inserted by SixJupiter are shared with you monthly in the form of our cryptocurrency, Jupes, which are deposited into the Ethereum wallet you specify monthly. Jupes help all the members of the SixJupiter network profit together while also providing the safety of being able to converted into US dollars, Euros, or other traditional currencies at any time. Learn about how our revenue sharing program works.

See an Example

Our demo site, shows our custom reports and how they can be integrated into a Wordpress site for cryptocurrency publishers.

Examples of Research Reports
Binance Coin, Basic Attention Token, Augur

Examples of News Updates
Binance Coin, Basic Attention Token, Augur

Examples of Daily Updates
April 26, 2019 Daily Update
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Click on the images below to see content published by our current publishing partners.

How Advertising Revenue Sharing Works

Jupes: Making Crypto Affiliate Programs Easy

    Cryptocurrency affiliate programs from brokers typically pay out in Ethereum, Bitcoin, or even another token unique to the broker. SixJupiter standardizes all these into Jupes and allows Jupes to be redeemed for traditional nation-state currencies, which makes affiliate program management easier for publishers so that they can focus on what they do best: publishing great content and delivering it an audience that appreciates it.

    The fine print

    • + Calculating Unique Affiliate Clicks Per Publisher Per Month. SixJupiter tracks the number of unique clicks per month on the affiliate links inserted into the content that published on each partner's site.

    • + Monthly Jupes Minting. Each month, SixJupiter mints 100 Jupes, its cryptocurrency. Jupes supply and transactions can be observed on Etherscan.

    • + Jupes Distributed Based on Unique Click Percentage. SixJupiter keeps 50 Jupes to fund its operations and reward its core team members. The remaining 50 Jupes are distributed proportionally based on how many unique visitors they showed SixJupiter's content to. So, if Property A is responsible for 18% of all unique SixJupiter affiliate clicks in a given month, Property A will have 9 Jupes deposited into its wallet for that month. Each publisher will be provided with a report each month regarding the clicks their content generated.

    • + SixJupiter Will Always Buy Jupes. SixJupiter will buy Jupes in exchange for US dollars from any holder of them who has acquired Jupes through non-fraudulent means. The amount SixJupiter will pay is based on the amount of US dollars in its revenue pool divided by the outstanding supply of Jupes, thus creating a price floor for Jupes.

      Any Jupes purchased are instantly burned, thus reducing the overall supply of Jupes and helping to further support its value. The rate SixJupiter will pay is updated daily on Prior to requesting a payment from SixJupiter in US dollars, holders must complete a W9 form, so that SixJupiter can remain in compliance with United States' tax authorities. To start a conversion process, simply message us to initiate an official request.

About Us

SixJupiter is a building an ad network owned by the publishers.

  • + Our vision is to use Jupes to enable an ad network in which Jupes are used to coordinate activities to help publishers, advertisers, and investors with minimal centralization. In other words, those who own Jupes will end up controlling the ad network.

  • + Our founder, Simit Patel, is a data scientist with over a decade of experience in digital marketing for financial services.

  • + Our philosophy is to be as transparent as possible to help build trust in the network.
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