Automotive Content, Automatically

If you have hundreds or even thousands of automotive pages for which you need fresh, factual, and timely content, SixJupiter can help. Our approach involves transforming automotive data into content that will help users make decisions and that search engines will love.

How it Works

  1. Start with automotive data. This can be your own data, or data we’ve sourced. If it has interesting information about cars, we can get insights out of it. 🙂
  2. To help our software understand the kind of content you need, you can provide your data with a few fixed column names, and a value in the first row of that column. Specifically, you can add the following column names:
    a. asset_id. This is a column that is like the subject of the text you want to generate.
    b. name. This is the name of the metric you want to be discussing. For instance, if you are sending content about vehicle prices, the name column should have a value of “price.”
    c. value. The value column contains the metric that is to be discussed/analyzed.

The table below illustrates the kind of data that SixJupiter’s text generation application can work with. The asset_id column has a value of “minivans in Indianapolis”, so that the software knows this is the subject that should be discussed. The name column contains the word “price”, which describes what is in the value column. The other columns — model and model_year — can be used to help further analyze price and generate insights useful for car shoppers.

The data above generated the following text:

  • The average price for minivans in Indianapolis is $24,916.12.
  • The price range for minivans in Indianapolis is $1,250 – $98,919.
  • The most common minivan is the Honda Odyssey.
  • The most common model year is Y2019.
  • The average price for a Y2019 minivan is $36,878.97.
  • The average price for a Honda Odyssey is $27,960.57

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