What Kind of Content Can be Created for Your Brand?

  • News. Bots created by SixJupiter can provide fact-based news updates to give your users a reason to come back to you, subscribe to updates, and a way to find you via search engines and links from around the web. Examples from our publishing partners: CoinInsider, Cryptocoin.news, LowCapCrypto

  • Tweets. Create Twitter bots that help you share valuable insights on Twitter -- and help you and your brand earn trust as a result. Examples from the SixJupiterAI Twitter bot, which had been automatically summarizing articles it had reader: Tweetstorm on Vitalik Buterin's article on blockchain governance, Tweetstorm on technicalities of data authentication in a blockchain, Tweetstorm on clustering Ethereum addresses

  • Data Pages and Exclusive Content. SixJupiter's ultimate advantage is data. Our exhaustive database of cryptocurrency information makes it easy to create comprehensive pages for each specific currency your firm offers as a part of a long-term SEO strategy designed to attract the users most likely to open an account -- while also enabling us to create exclusive and valuable data updates available only to your email subscribers, thus enabling your firm to acquire more leads. Contact us to learn more.

Let's Build Your Content Marketing Plan

Questions? Comments? Ready to get started? Message us at info@sixjupiter.com. If you're curious about the inner workings of our technology, see our process visualization and the information on how we work with independent publishers.