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Search engine optimization services -- in other words, getting traffic to your web site from Google -- designed specifically for business brokers. Starting at $267 per month.

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How it Works

Start by telling us your geography. We work with only one client per metropolitan statistical area at a time, so that we can use the unique content we generate -- a vital part of SEO -- exclusively for your benefit.
Featured Client: VNB Brokers

VNB Brokers is a New York City business broker SixJupiter serves. As our exclusive partner in the New York metropolitan area, we provide them with consultation and content specific to their geography and audience to help them improve their SEO efforts.
Equipped, with your target geography, we'll proceed with an initial site audit. This will tell us what issues with your site need to be addressed, as well as what terms you are currently ranking for.

We'll provide you with an email report summarizing the situation. Most of the time, we can address technical matters ourselves, and will do so if you'd like.
Our audit will set the stage for us to conduct keyword research: an analysis of what terms you should be targeting, and where you currently rank in the search engines for them. We'll provide you with an initial list of terms and the volume they may have, along with recommendations regarding changes to make. We can make the changes for you as well if you'd like.
With our target list of keywords defined, we are ready to track and report on how rankings are changing. Each week, you'll get an update regarding what we've done and how your rankings have changed. See sample report.
Two of the most challenging aspects of SEO are content generation and link building. We generate unique content about the business opportunity in your geography for your site, and we work to get links back for that content. We'll plan to publish content every three business days on your site. View an example.

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Try our service for 3 months. Pay $799. 14 day money back guarantee. You'll be auto-billed every three months, and can cancel anytime. If you accidentally get auto-billed because you forgot to cancel, no worries: just message us and we'll reverse the charge.

We only work with one client per metropolitan area. Lock in your geography today.