How it Works

Below is an example of our Ethereum One data product, with a new file published each day and made accessible to our clients via a shared Google Drive.

The process to get started with using Ethereum One to improve your cryptocurrency investing is as follows:
  1. Subscribe to our data for investors
  2. After subscribing, you'll receive a welcome email within 24 hours containing your credentials to access the files we publish to a shared Google Drive repository.
  3. Check out our data dictionary to obtain precise definitions of each data point that's included to help you make the most of your subscription.
  4. Not satisfied? Contact us within 48 hours and we'll give you a full refund.
  5. Alternatively if you need more rigorous analysis of this data and would like us to visualize, re-shape/aggregate, or model in any way, contact us to discuss options for a consulting arrangement.

The SixJupiter Advantage: Tracking the Digital Footprint

For investors, the biggest advantage cryptocurrencies offer is the fact that activity is published on the blockchain. Investors thus have the potential to analyze the flow of cryptocurrency transactions to understand trends in buying and selling that may precede move in price. Understanding the "digital footprint" of activity recorded on the blockchain, and of activity on Twitter and GitHub related to a given cryptocurrency, are at the heart of SixJupiter's goal of giving cryptocurrency investors the information edge they need to succeed.

For some sample analyses that are possible with the Ethereum One data set, see our research blog using the link below.

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