How to Interpret SixJupiter's Returns

The chart below shows the returns on *all* capital invested since April 2018, and assumes an equal amount is invested each month and invested equally in all 6 of SixJupiter's monthly recommendations.

Here's an example: An individual invests $100 in April 2018. By the end of the month, the open and closed positions based on the $100 investment is worth approximately $112.615 (averaging the the two points, 15.53 and 9.7, for April in the chart below and treating it as the return for the month). At the start of May, another $100 is invested. At the end of May, the account is worth $201.967 (averaging the two points for May, and treating it as the return for the entire $200 invested thus far).

About SixJupiter's Returns

Please note that SixJupiter's premium signals are based on artificial intelligence algorithms that are optimized for total return only. As a result, performance can be substantially volatile. It is recommended that this aggressive portfolio based on SixJupiter's artificial intelligence only be pursued with funds allocated towards investment opportunities can tolerate higher risk and higher reward potentialities. For assistance in developing a full portfolio that balances pursuit of high risk opportunities with more conservative opportunities that can grow wealth over time, text "create a plan" to SixJupiter at 201.514.6213. And click here to subscribe to SixJupiter's signals for $2.99 per month.