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4F Content is King

Content is at least half the battle to winning SEO. And in particular, winning content often satisfies the 4Fs of content: Full, Fresh, Factual, and Functional. SixJupiter’s data-to-content technologies are designed automate the creation of 4F Content.

Full. Web sites with thousands of pages face challenges regarding securing unique content for each page at scale. By finding data sets relevant to the subject matter of your client’s site, we can generate unique content for each page in an automated manner — and thus make each page full.

Fresh. Fresh content matters. Our APIs are designed to be paired with timeseries data to generate fresh content for your web pages — the content changes as data changes. Don’t think there is relevant timeseries data for your niche? Complete the form below and let’s see if we can find some for you. 🙂

Factual. As search engines continue to wage their war on fake news, content rooted in factual data may prove to be an asset to superior rankings. Skate to where the puck is heading by using our Table to Text APIs to make your content more data and fact rich.

Functional. The writing is on the wall — artificial intelligence technologies like MUM will be a key part of how search engines understand the context of a given document, and will reflect an ability to understand the relationship between text and images. Let’s work together to find timeseries data, generate text insights from this data, display this data in tabular format, and visualize this data to provide your clients with content that will delight customers and search engines alike.

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